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pink and white tulips laid on wood with the word restore at the top
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The word restore is most likely not the word I would have chosen for this year if left to myself.  Not that I don’t long for restoration, I do.  Oh, how I do!  The thought of it, though, seemed elusive and far off. Almost two years ago, my husband went on to Glory unexpectedly.  (Read (READ MORE)
An Unexpected Gift
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Don’t you love it when you receive an unexpected gift? Around your birthday or the holidays, gifts are on your mind. 'Tis the season!  But, when a gift comes your way, out of the blue, how does that make you feel? Loved? Thought of? Cared for? What if this gift was something that you had once mentioned wanting and someone (READ MORE)
How to Approach the Holidays without Him
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One of the hardest things for me when Heath went to heaven was... How do we approach the holidays without him? How do we celebrate these events now that he is no longer active in our lives? While the winter holidays are by far the hardest to handle, the summer holidays bring about their own challenges. Holidays are (READ MORE)
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Yep! That's me. The girl begging her plants not to die. Hahaha! Well, I’m sorry to say, we have suffered some losses. Back in March, I showed you how we were beginning our year of raised bed gardening by cleaning out our raised beds, planting all varieties of veggies, and hoping for the (READ MORE)

Amy Wilson, widowed at age 37, began Beautifully Held to
bring hope & practical help to widows and single moms.

"It's time for us, the brokenhearted, to allow the
love of Jesus Christ to seep into the shattered
places of our hearts." - Amy