Beautifully Held

Welcome! Today is LAUNCH DAY here at I am excited you have taken the time to stop by and check it out. I must have started this post a dozen times and a dozen times I failed to write it. “Where do I begin?” I’d ask myself. Each time I’d begin at the point of the pain. Then I would reconsider, whispering “You can’t start a new thing with such sadness.” The truth is, no matter how much I try to avoid it, this is the place it has to start because it’s where I am; in the midst of pain. Healing starts at the place where the hurt began.  So, this is our story.


Healing starts where the hurt began


One year ago our world turned upside down with a phone call. “Something is wrong with Heath.” the voice said. It’s hard for me to relive the events of that day and the two weeks that followed. So much life yet to live but suddenly cut off. A young family still to grow up but severed at the core. This had become our reality. It was completely unbelievable. My husband had suffered a massive stroke that left him on life support. He soon went to be with Jesus and over the last year my three young kids and I have struggled to find our way to a new “normal”.


I imagine we all come to a point in our lives where we face a crossroads in our faith. For me, this has been it. The death of my husband at such a young age has shaken me beyond what I could even explain.  I have experienced all of the stages of grief; sometimes all at once. However, no matter how far I fall in my grief, I always fall straight at the feet of Jesus. He is my safe place. He is where I can ask the tough questions, express my strongest fears, and pour out the deep sorrows of my heart that cause me to collapse into a heap of mournful sobs.


I've had to decide to Trust God in His Sovereignty rather than Reject him for it.


Time and time again over these last months, I’ve had to decide to trust God in His sovereignty rather than reject Him for it. There are still broken parts of my heart that only He can fix. So, I will continue to press into His word, to seek His face and His healing. I remember the first thing I asked of the Lord after returning home without Heath: “Will I be found faithful through this?”


Yet, what has overshadowed the question of my own ability to remain faithful or not, is GOD’S FAITHFULNESS to us in such horrible circumstances. The story of God’s faithfulness through this season of our lives is one that is miraculous in itself. It’s a story that I feel the Lord has called me to share so stay tuned. It’s coming!


In the meantime, I’ll be blogging about all things faith, family, and my many misadventures in home repair and maintenance (think hedge trimming with a weed eater..oh boy!). Although I don’t recommend that, I’ll tell you the story of when I thought it was a good idea. We will most definitely laugh, cry, and rejoice together along the way. New paths are not forged easily. Still, we choose to stand on faith and take the next steps even when those steps are excruciatingly difficult.


My prayer for this blog is that it will be a testament to the faithfulness of God, to His goodness, and to His grace upon our lives because we are truly Beautifully Held.


I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living. Psalm 27:13 NKJV



17 thoughts on “Beautifully Held

  1. Trust is something that is easy to talk about but hard to actually do. I love the fixer upper that you have in your heading. I am reminded that I am a work in progress, a fixer-upper. It seems, at times anyways, that it is at our deepest points of pain where we are most deeply able to experience HIM. I am reminded of John 15:1-5. I hate that you had to lose Heath at such a young age with so many hopes and dreams yet to be full-filled. I can not imagine. And now until you meet Jesus, you will for sure have those moments where you will find yourself wanting to look for Heath, those special milestone moments in yours and the kids lives. Please do not let anyone knock you for the rough days. I appreciate your honesty and not sugarcoating your deep suffering and loss for these are the very things that add depth and delight to your message and HIS message.

  2. Amy,
    Thanks for opening up your heart and sharing the things that you hold near and dear. I look forward to reading your future posts!

  3. You’ve been on my heart and in my prayers so many times.
    God is faithful, and His compassion is new every morning.
    Love you.

  4. So beautiful. I’m excited to read along on the heartbreaking journey you’ve had to endure. But, ever so thankful you have remained next to your first love, Jesus. He has you and your precious children right in his hands.

  5. Amy, so beautifully written. Beautiful picture of His faith and yours. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to your blog posts! Hugs!

  6. Wow! Amy Wilson: you are a writer! “Beautifully Held” is a compilation of beautiful thoughts, and powerful truth , amidst an unwavering , beautiful faith, and certainly beautifully written, from a broken but faithful heart who is truly claiming “ beauty for ashes.”

    My own spirit is longing for your next entry! Keep writing, child of God!

  7. You truly are an amazing example of God’s love in the face of tragedy. Instead of blaming God, and being mad at him, you used the loss of Heath as a way to not only bring you closer to God, but also witness to others. Be blessed my friend & keep blogging!

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