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An Unexpected Gift

Don’t you love it when you receive an unexpected gift?

Around your birthday or the holidays, gifts are on your mind. ‘Tis the season!  But, when a gift comes your way, out of the blue, how does that make you feel?


Thought of?

Cared for?

What if this gift was something that you had once mentioned wanting and someone took notice? Then months later, that someone gives it to you!




Well, that’s precisely what happened to me recently, and I cannot wait to tell you the story.

That morning, my kids and I barreled through her door. With bags of groceries, books, and school supplies in-hand, we filled my sweet friend’s home. It was our co-op planning meeting for the upcoming school year. Excitement overflowed!

Our co-op days begin with chatting and food prep. I mean, really? Is there any other way to start a day? It’s a sweet time of fellowship to get our day rolling.

Gathered in the kitchen, we caught up on all happenings over the summer months.  I sipped coffee and meandered into her dining area. On the table, I saw two art pieces.

“You got them?” I squealed!

There lay two fancy farmhouse pictures as I call them. On one sat a beautiful watercolor chicken and on the other, the gentle face of a lamb.

“Well, let me tell you.” She said with eyebrows raised as she joined me.

She shared with me how her cousin bought the prints months and months before but could never find a place for them. Finally, her cousin gave them to her to use in her newly remodeled dining room.

Before she could continue, I blurted “Oh my gosh! I saw these at Kirkland’s when they went on clearance (more than a year before) but ended up not getting them that day. When I decided I only wanted the lamb and returned to the store, it was gone.”

“Well, that’s it, you can have it then.”

Wait. . .what? (The vinyl screeches to a halt. Silence.)

“You are not giving me your picture,” I replied.

Genuinely, that thought had not crossed my mind.  During the last school year, we watched each week as my friend’s new dining room transformed from a dream into reality. That was so much fun. Those art pieces would look great in her space I thought.

She grinned, “Yes I am.”

Although I’m still adamant that she is not giving me this picture,  she continued saying, “So, they have been sitting here for a while. I have been trying to decide where to put them but I just can’t. If I had just one, okay. Maybe if I had a third? But these two together, I just can’t get it to work and now, I know why.”

Disbelief poured over me as I awed over God’s hand of provision and care. I could not believe that after all this time, there they were. Incredible!

I saw those art pieces for the first time just weeks before Heath suffered the stroke. My struggle with them was much the same as her’s –  a chicken and a lamb. Those two animals together, for whatever reason, didn’t quite fit the space I intended to decorate. So, I walked away.

Over the next few days, I thought of that watercolor lamb and this phrase:

Worthy is the Lamb.


I knew I had to go back and get that lamb! And, I knew exactly where to hang it – above my desk. To my dismay, the art piece was no longer available, not even online.

As I shared the rest of that story with her, she said: “Well, then it’s yours.”

We hugged. I cried.

Both of us reveled in our amazement at the sovereignty of Jesus.


The Ways of the Lord are Beautiful!


Jesus goes before us, and He is worthy. He proves himself again and again. Not that He has to, but because He chooses to show us repeatedly how much He loves us.

I love how Jesus took notice of my desire and now months later uses this fancy farmhouse lamb to speak truth over me. When I think I can’t cut it as a single mom or I can’t take one more moment of pain, that picture reminds me, Worthy is the Lamb.

My heart warms at His timing; how he allowed that picture to linger in someone’s home for months waiting for just the right moment to be passed onto me. He wants me to continue to Trust Him. 

I do not doubt that Jesus is in the midst of thoughtful acts on your behalf this very moment.  He is faithfully coordinating events that will take place to show you His love and care in unexpected ways.

He has been thinking of you all along.

You are on His mind continually.

I pray Jesus gifts you with sight for the ways of His hands and the love of His heart!

If you have a story of an unexpected gift God used to love on you, please share it with us here on the blog or on Facebook @beautifullyheld


Kirkland's Lamb Print
The lamb print at the top of this graphic now hangs in its permanent place above my desk. Oh, how I love it! Originally from Kirkland’s.

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