Celebrating the Birthdays of Lost Loved Ones

Birthdays, like holidays, are especially hard if you have lost a loved one. What was once a happy time of celebration now brings piles of sorrow. So, how do you celebrate the birthday of your lost loved one?

I imagine your plans for spending that day have changed, over time and with healing, as ours have, but even now that we are able to find some joy in remembering, those moments are laced with the heaviness of what we have lost. 

This year we are spending Heath’s birthday by going to a restaurant he liked and following up with the movie, Overcomer. I feel my heart swell will anticipation just thinking of the truths this movie will speak into the hearts of my kids – and my own, of course. 

Courageous and War Room were two movies the five of us loved to watch together. When War Room came out Heath and I took the kids to see it as soon as church let out that Sunday. So, it’s a sweet gift that we will spend his day doing probably what we would have done if he were still here with us. 

I would love to hear how you spend the birthdays of your lost loved ones. 

I can't wait to hear your thoughts. Comment below.